The Brand


Esor Marie specializes in offering high-quality, exquisite luxury footwear with a keen focus on details that are embedded within the heel design. We want to ensure our uniquely crafted footwear is formulated with durability, versatility and functionality when worn. Our designs feature our patented two-pronged heel that will constitute the foundation for all of our modernization designs. At our core, the concept of luxury will always begin with high-quality leathers, skins, and hardware with each collection. Esor Marie prides itself on our client's experience and meeting their standards fully. Each purchase is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity card to identify each item is hand-produced and customized for our consumers.


After leaving Los Angeles, Lamar would promptly be introduced to the world of immense possibilities in New York City. He has always been intrigued by art and fashion, but his exact niche was hard to find. As an exploring creative he struggled with connecting solely with one form of art before being infatuated with a new idea - luxury footwear. Lamar decided to use his innate abilities and talent to launch the brand, Esor Marie.  
After reflecting on his previous experience in fashion, he thought about the key element that transforms any look - whether you're preparing for a red-carpet event and/or a casual-chic appearance with friends; nothing makes a statement more than a high-quality pair of heels. Although he did not enhance his creative spirit with schooling; Lamar did not allow his lack of academic studies to deter him. This venture to get here has been presented with many obstacles but Lamar never waivered on his faith and kept a resilient mindset always at the forefront of his dreams. 
Lamar presents to you his core collection for Esor Marie through the continuous support from his family, close friends, and faith. He is developing a brand that is designed to push the boundaries of fashion to great success by showcasing craftsmanship and tailoring for each shoe design. As a result of not having access to all the fundamental tools and privileges, Lamar recognizes that this brand journey is bigger than himself. He feels he's only a vessel being used for a more significant purpose.


"I am on a journey that is defined as being bigger than myself. I am being equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge that will help others through my creativity."